As the Atlantic 85 lifeboat was preparing to recover from the previous call (launch 33 / 2023) when HM Coastguard re-tasked the lifeboat following a PAN PAN assistance call from a vessel in difficulty near Sker Point. The crew were requested to proceed to the location to assess the situation.

Once on scene the crew located the casualty vessel, an 8 metre bayliner motor boat that had suffered mechanical failure.

The casualty vessel was being assisted by a group of jet skis who had managed to tow the vessel clear of Sker point to prevent it running aground.

The helm assessed the situation and made the decision that the best way to assist the casualty was to take it under tow. However due to the outgoing tide, Porthcawl Marina was about to close, so the nearest safe port was to the west.

RNLI Port Talbot‘s D Class was tasked by HM Coastguard to assist in order to take over the tow, however due to the vessel size and restrictions at Port Talbot the vessel had to be towed to Swansea Marina as the nearest safe port.

Porthcawl’s Atlantic 85 continued the tow of the casualty with Port Talbot’s D Class following alongside until at the entrance to Tawe lock in Swansea, at which point Port Talbot’s D Class took the casualty in an alongside tow into Swansea Marina.

Porthcawl’s Atlantic 85 then departed and made its way back to Porthcawl, with the volunteer crew arriving back at station 3.5 hours after the initial launch.