2 04, 2021

Launch 7/21 – 📟 8.28pm

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UK Coastguard requested the launch of the Atlantic 85 lifeboat to assist with a multi-agency search for a missing person in the Sker Beach area. After a search of around 2 hours the lifeboat was stood down as the person was located safe and well by land based search teams.

31 03, 2021

Launch 6/21 – 📟 6.25pm

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Our volunteer crew onboard our Atlantic 85 lifeboat were diverted from their training exercise off Porthcawl seafront at 6.25pm by UK Coastguard. Porthcawl NCI had reported a surfer who had been swept around the point at Rest Bay on the incoming tide and was now out of view of their CCTV camera. The lifeboat made

30 03, 2021

Launch 5/21 – 📟 7.07pm

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UK Coastguard requested our volunteer crew divert from their training exercise after two people had contacted them to advise they were cut off by the tide between Tresilian Bay and Summerhouse Point. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Rose Of The Shires was off Ogmore and the crew made best speed to the area to commence a

30 03, 2021

Tasking – 📟 2.38pm

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Our volunteer crew were tasked by UK Coastguard to provide assistance to Porthcawl Coastguard with a casualty reported to be having a heart attack on Sandy Bay (Coney Beach). The casualty was swiftly extracted to a land ambulance and transferred to hospital. We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

29 03, 2021

Launch 4/21 – 📟 6.49pm

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UK Coastguard tasked our volunteer crew to assist two people cut off by the incoming tide at Temple Bay, Southerndown. The charity's D Class lifeboat, Super G II was launched and made best speed to the location. Once on scene large swell conditions and dumping waves meant extraction by the lifeboat would have been too

26 02, 2021

Launch 3/21 – 📟 7.37pm

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Porthcawl's volunteer crew were tasked at 7.37pm to assist 4 teenage girls who were trapped on the Porthcawl side of the Ogmore river. The girls had been located near to the river mouth by the team from Llantwit Major Coastguard and were cold as temperatures had dropped significantly as darkness fell. Having set out earlier

2 01, 2021

Launch 1+2/21 – 📟 4.16pm

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UK Coastguard paged our volunteer crew following a report that there were people possibly cut off by the tide at Witches Point, Southerndown. Both the charity's D Class and Atlantic 85 lifeboats were launched on service and the team from Llantwit Major Coastguard were also tasked. When the crew arrived on scene at Witches Point

29 11, 2020

Launch 45/20 – 📟 4.12pm

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UK Coastguard tasked our volunteer crew to search for an overdue kayaker following concerns for their safety. The kayaker had been due to paddle the coastline between Ogmore By Sea and Dunraven Bay but hadn’t confirmed to their contact that they had returned safely. With time of the essence due to falling light and a

22 11, 2020

Launch 44/20 – 📟 11.25am

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Porthcawl's volunteer RNLI crew were diverted from a training exercise by UK Coastguard and asked to attend Rest Bay to a report of surfers being swept around the point. As the lifeboat arrived on scene the crew spotted the surfers climbing out onto rocks in the cove area. Once it was confirmed all surfers were

21 11, 2020

Launch 43/20 – 📟 1.11pm

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Porthcawl's volunteer RNLI crew were tasked by UK Coastguard following a report which had been received from Porthcawl NCI of a windsurfer who appeared to be in difficulties off Newton Point. The charity’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat Rose of the Shires was launched on service in moderate to rough seas with wind gusts of up to