UK Coastguard requested the launch of our lifeboats after they had received a call from a group of 7 teenagers who had found themselves caught out by the tide at the River Ogmore. They had crossed at low water but discovered they were unable to get across later when the tide had come in to get back to their car.

The Coastguard were concerned they may attempt to cross the river and put themselves in danger so paged our crew and Llantwit Major Coastguard to attend. We arrived on scene to find the group were still on the Porthcawl side of the river. The D class transfered them across to the Ogmore side where they were met by Llantwit Major Coastguard Team members.

Never put yourself at risk, the group of teenagers did the right thing by calling UK Coastguard for advice. For daily tide times for our local area please visit our website: