Both the Atlantic 85 and D Class lifeboats were launched at the request of UK Coastguard following a report of 2 vulnerable teenage girls in the water at Sandy Bay (Coney Beach). The D Class lifeboat commenced a shoreline search and initially located an adult male in the water off the Wimpy, who had entered the water to search for the missing girls. He was encouraged to go ashore and liaise with Porthcawl Coastguard team on the beach.

The lifeboats continued a search of the area with the Atlantic 85 lifeboat firing a white parachute flare to illuminate the area. As the D Class lifeboat neared Rhych Point the crew spotted what appeared to be 2 people in the water close to shore. Crew members left the boat to support the casualties and the D Class was beached. The girls were assisted out of the water, however one girl subsequently collapsed on the beach and our volunteer crew and the coastguard team provided casualty care. The UK Coastguard helicopter from St Athan (which had been tasked to assist with the search) arrived on scene and landed on the beach. Both casualties were taken to hospital for a checkup following the incident, one via the helicopter and the other by land ambulance.

Thank you to our colleagues from RNLI Port Talbot who attended to assist us with getting the D Class lifeboat back into its launch trailer.