Our volunteers were paged by UK Coastguard to locate and assist a yacht with two people onboard which was struggling against the tide and had lost power off Nash Point. Due to the power issues the vessel had no working VHF radio or nav lights and their mobile phone battery had run out. Our colleagues from Llantwit Major Coastguard and Barry Dock RNLI were also tasked to the incident.

Porthcawl’s Atlantic 85 was launched on service and made best speed to the last reported location of the yacht. After passing through the Nash Passage in some fairly difficult seas the crew spotted a white light approximately a mile off Nash Point. This was confirmed as a target showing on radar. Once closer to the yacht the crew were able to see it was the casualty yacht and approached it, placing a crew man onboard. A tow was set up and the yacht was towed towards Barry. Upon the arrival of Barry Dock lifeboat the tow was transferred to the larger lifeboat and Porthcawl lifeboat returned to station.