Our volunteers were paged by UK Coastguard following a report they’d received from Porthcawl NCI of two people cut off by the tide in Dunraven Bay, with an hour still to go until high water. Our D Class lifeboat was launched to rescue the casualties and made best speed to the location. A crewman swam ashore to prepare the casualties for their rescue and give them lifejackets. Due to fact a small swell was surging onto the pebbles at the bay the safest method to rescue the casualties was to veer back on the anchor line before getting the casualties onboard. Whilst we did this our colleagues from Llantwit Major Coastguard set up for a rope rescue incase we needed to abort the rescue. Once both casualties were onboard the lifeboat they were taken to the river mouth at Ogmore By Sea as the swell on the slipway at Southerndown would have made landing the lifeboat safely difficult. We were met by our colleagues from Llantwit Major Coastguard at Ogmore By Sea who transferred the casualties back to their car at Southerndown car park.

#RespectTheWater #SavingLivesAtSea