Our volunteers were paged at 17.40 today and launched both our Atlantic 85 and IB1 (D Class) lifeboats to reports of persons cut off by the tide in the area of Nash Point.

A jet skier had spotted 5 persons cut off to the northern side of Nash Point and a further 2 persons to the south east of Nash Point and contacted Milford Haven Coastguard.

The Atlantic 85 located the group of 5 who were not in immediate danger. We advised them that we would return to assist them.

The Atlantic 85 then continued to locate the 2 persons to the south east of Nash Point. They were deemed to be in more immediate danger so the Atlantic 85 asked the IB1 to proceed to the location to rescue them as it is able to operate in shallower water.

Both boats then returned to the location of the first 5 casualties where they were also rescued by the IB1.

Based on the small size of the IB1 the Atlantic 85 was used to transport casualties whilst the IB1 ferried them into the beach at Nash Point ‪#‎RNLIShout‬