Both lifeboats were on a tasking to search for a missing person. The Atlantic 85, which was at Rest Bay, spotted a surfer caught in the rip current at the point. Due to the surfer’s location close to the point and in the surfline the D Class was requested to proceed to Rest Bay to assist. As the Atlantic 85 was unable to get in close to the surfer two crew members left the boat and made their way to assist the surfer. The two crew managed to get the surfer into shallow water and the safety of the beach. The D Class arrived at Rest Bay where it went ashore to check the surfer required no further medical attention. It then transported the crew members back out through the surf and out to the Atlantic 85.

Both lifeboats were stood down from their original search as the person had been located safely ashore at Newton. The lifeboats returned to the lifeboat station at 17.32 where they were rehoused and made ready for service.