UK Coastguard requested the launch of our Atlantic 85 lifeboat following a Mayday call from a motor cruiser on passage between Cardiff and Swansea. The vessel was taking on water with the source of ingress unknown. The lock mechanism of the front cabin door had broken whilst the vessel was on passage and the crew were unable to gain access into the cabin. The vessel made its way towards Porthcawl and was met by Porthcawl Lifeboat who placed crew and a salvage pump onboard. The Coastguard Helicopter also attended and stood by incase further assistance was required. The lifeboat escorted the motor cruiser into Porthcawl marina and on further inspection found a bow window hatch had been forced open and the window mechanism broken. Waves breaking over the bow had been causing water ingress through the open hatch. The front cabin broken door mechanism meant it was still not possible to gain entry to the cabin and repairs would need to be undertaken in the safety of the marina.