A small fishing boat made a call to both Porthcawl NCI and Porthcawl Marina reporting engine problems. The boat was unable to start it’s engine and was over tusker rock on an outgoing tide. Porthcawl NCI alerted UK Coastguard to the boat’s situation, UK Coastguard made a Pan Pan call for any vessels in the vicinity of Tusker Rock but there was no response. Due to the fact there was no response from the casualty vessel UK Coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat.

The Atlantic 85 was launched first as it was in the process of being washed down following a training exercise. Due to the location of the broken down vessel in potentially very shallow water over Tusker Rock the D Class lifeboat was also launched to assist. Once on scene the crew of the Atlantic 85 found that another boat had offered assistance and had set up a tow. The two boats were happy to proceed back into the marina at Porthcawl with no assistance from our lifeboats and once they were safely inside the marina our lifeboats were stood down.