Our Atlantic 85 was diverted from training exercise by UK Coastguard to reports of a windsurfer in difficulty 0.5 miles South of Newton Point. The casualty was recovered onto the lifeboat and returned to Newton slipway.

Whilst the Atlantic 85 (Porthcawl Lifeboat) was dealing with the first incident a second windsurfer was spotted nearby in a similar situation. Our D Class lifeboat (Porthcawl ILB) was launched to locate the casualty and escorted him to shore at Trecco Bay to ensure he was safe & well. The casualty decided to walk back to Newton rather than transfer by boat. On leaving the scene Porthcawl ILB identified a third windsurfer approximately 0.5 mile south of Rhych Point. On arrival the ILB initially escorted the casualty but the tide & wind were too strong & he was recovered onto the ILB and returned to Newton beach. No further medical attention was required by any of the windsurfers assisted by our volunteer crew.

Wind on scene today was SE F7 and falling spring tide which made conditions enjoyable but challenging for people using the water. The weather this afternoon is expected to deteriorate further #RespectTheWater