Our volunteers launched our Atlantic 85 at approximately 09.00 today to a fisherman who had been swept from Porthcawl Pier. The casualty was recovered into the lifeboat off Sandy Bay and transferred to an ambulance waiting at the lifeboat station. The casualty was taken to The Princess of Wales hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

In an interview following the rescue Mike said, ‘I remember noticing the rough sea conditions on that day, but I felt it was still safe to go fishing because there were so many other anglers close by on Porthcawl’s harbour wall. But just 20 minutes in I was hit by an enormous wave. I saw it coming, but before I had time to react I was knocked flat.

I put my hands out as I was being dragged across the concrete of the pier. Then suddenly I felt nothing beneath me, and I just dropped over the edge.

The other fishermen raised the alarm, and one of them even threw his tackle box into the water for me to hang onto. But conditions were so rough I couldn’t get to it. I’d only been in the water a few minutes but already the pier looked small and a long way away.

It was terrifying, and I was starting to wonder if I could survive. I was trying not to take in water but I could feel it in my lungs. Fortunately the RNLI launched their lifeboat and came out to rescue me. When they found me I was quarter of a mile out to sea. I was really cold when they dragged me out of the water, and I don’t think I could have stayed afloat much longer.

They had an ambulance waiting when we got back to shore, ready to take me to hospital. I will be eternally grateful to these guys, they do an amazing job.’

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