Our Atlantic 85, Rose Of The Shires was launched on service to a report a surfer had been swept around the point at Rest Bay. UK Coastguard had been alerted to the incident by the National Coastwatch Institution – Porthcawl who were monitoring the situation on their CCTV camera and relaying the footage to the UK Coastguard operations room.

Our crew arrived on scene to find the surfer being assisted by two paddleboarders and a wave skier but making no progress against the strong spring tide current. The surfer was rescued by the lifeboat whilst the group who had been assisting the casualty made their way back into the main bay. The lifeboat stayed on scene to ensure all got safely back into the main bay before returning to our station with the surfer. The surfer was then transported back to Rest Bay by our colleagues from Porthcawl Coastguard.