UK Coastguard tasked Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew to a vessel in distress. A self powered maintenance barge with 2 people on board was suffering engine trouble off Porthcawl. The Mumbles Lifeboat was also tasked to the incident.
The vessel was considerably large and following an assessment from the helm of Porthcawl lifeboat the safest option was for the vessel to be taken in tow by the larger All Weather Lifeboat.
When the Mumbles Lifeboat arrived on scene it established a tow until another barge arrived to take over the tow to Swansea at 21:00.
Mumbles Lifeboat Deputy Second coxswain Josh Stewart said β€˜ The skipper did the right thing to call for help when he did. One of the vessels 2 engines had failed and they were struggling to make way and keep course with a strong flooding Spring tide’.