UK Coastguard requested the launch of the charity’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat after our RNLI Lifeguard colleagues at Rest Bay had reported two surfers caught in the current on the dropping tide at Rest Bay’s point who were being swept in the direction of town as they had arrived to commence their patrol.

Volunteers from the surf lifesaving club were also present for a patrol and were in the process of launching a Rescue Water Craft and the lifeboat was requested as backup and/or to provide further assistance. The lifeboat made best speed to the location in rough seas and strong winds and arrived on scene to find both surfers being supported by the Rescue Water Craft off Box Bay in the cove area of Rest Bay. It was agreed the two surfers would be dropped into the beach in the main bay at Rest Bay by the Rescue Water Craft whilst the lifeboat monitored all were safely ashore.

Once the two surfers were ashore the lifeboat returned to station where it was refuelled, rehoused and made ready for service.