UK Coastguard tasked Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew to assist our colleagues from RNLI Lifeguards South East Wales. Two adults and a child had been swept around Witches Point at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown due to the strong tidal current caused by the incoming spring tide. An RNLI lifeguard with a rescue tube and an RNLI lifeguard on a rescue board had both swam and paddled out to assist the casualties, whilst a member of the public on a paddleboard who was nearby and spotted the swimmers in difficulty had also paddled over to assist the casualties.
The charity’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Rose of the Shires was launched on service making best speed to the location. When the crew arrived on scene they found the three casualties being supported by the two RNLI lifeguards and paddleboarder some distance off the shore near the cliff ladders at Whitmore Stairs. All were taken onboard the lifeboat and were returned back to the beach at Dunraven Bay requiring no further medical attention. Once all were safely ashore the lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.
Sam Williams, volunteer helm at Porthcawl RNLI said, ‘This rescue was a great example of teamwork between our RNLI lifeguard team and volunteer lifeboat crew. The RNLI lifeguard team did a great job in reaching the casualties quickly and thankfully the outcome was a good one.’
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