Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew were requested to launch by UK Coastguard to a yacht with a solo sailor aboard which had suffered engine difficulties off Nash Point whilst on passage to Porthcawl. There was also concern for the medical condition of the sailor aboard the yacht. The crew were tasked by UK Coastguard to locate the yacht and assess the situation.
The yacht had initially reported its location as south of Nash Point but later had provided an update to say it had drifted into a small bay and deployed its anchor. The charity’s relief Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Irene Cornford was launched on service to assess the situation. The relief D Class lifeboat, Super G II was also launched incase further assistance was required and/or the casualty needed to be taken ashore.
Both lifeboats made best speed to the location in Force 4-5 winds and slight to moderate seas. The crew aboard the Atlantic 85 lifeboat were first on scene and located the yacht to the east of St. Donat’s Bay close inshore and were concerned the yacht may be dragging on its anchor.
The helm of the Atlantic 85 lifeboat assessed the situation and made the decision that undertaking a tow was the safest way to assist the casualty in the first instance in order to get it clear of the shore.
Two crew members were placed aboard the casualty vessel with one tasked to provide casualty care and assess the condition of the person onboard the yacht whilst the other crew member was tasked to set up a tow.
Shortly after a tow was set up and the yacht was towed clear of the shore, the D Class lifeboat arrived on scene. The team from Llantwit Major Coastguard also arrived at the slipway in Atlantic College incase the casualty aboard the yacht needed to be taken ashore.
Following a casualty care assessment there was no immediate cause for concern regarding the condition of the casualty aboard the yacht. The helm of the Atlantic 85 made the decision the safest way to assist the casualty was to undertake a tow back to Porthcawl which was the nearest safe and suitable port.
The yacht was towed to Porthcawl marina arriving into the marina around 10.20pm and met by the team from Porthcawl Coastguard. Once the casualty vessel was safely alongside the pontoons both lifeboats returned to station and were refueled and made ready for service.