UK Coastguard tasked our volunteer crew to search for an overdue kayaker following concerns for their safety. The kayaker had been due to paddle the coastline between Ogmore By Sea and Dunraven Bay but hadn’t confirmed to their contact that they had returned safely. With time of the essence due to falling light and a sea mist starting to descend our volunteer crew made best speed to conduct a thorough search of the area whilst there was still light. As the crew completed the first leg of their search arriving at Dunraven Bay news came in from our colleagues, Llantwit Major Coastguard. The coastguard team had located the overdue kayaker’s vehicle along with the missing person. It transpired the kayaker had in fact sent an SMS to their contact to advise they were back safely but due to lack of mobile coverage the message failed to send.
Thankfully the call had been a false alarm with good intent and the overdue kayaker was safe and well. We would far rather be called out in these circumstances than not at all.
As the lifeboat crew prepared to depart the scene they spotted a person to the north west of Dunraven Bay beneath the cliffs. With the incoming tide the person was minutes from being completely cut off by the tide and was unaware of their predicament. The crew shouted to the person about the urgent need to make their way back to the main bay. The lifeboat stood by as the person clambered back across the rocks with the swell surging up to knee depth as the person made their way back. Thankfully they got back to the main bay safe and well, just a little damp, where they were met by the coastguard team who gave safety advice. The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station to be made ready for service.
To support our volunteer crew in what has been a difficult year for us all and had a significant impact on our usual fundraising activity, visit: Porthcawl RNLI Lifesavers’ Fund. (All donations made will be used towards the costs of #SavingLivesAtSea here at Porthcawl).