Tasked by UK Coastguard to a report of a paddleboarder in difficulty in the area of Ogmore Deeps.
The charity’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat ‘Rose of the Shires’ was launched on service making best speed to the location in relatively calm seas with strong north easterly winds.
The crew located the two casualties, a father and son, approximately a quarter of a mile out to sea. A combination of a strong spring tide and strong winds had caught the paddleboarder out and as a result the pair had been unable to get back to the shore. They used a mobile phone to call for help and the Coastguard received 999 calls from concerned onlookers on the shore. Both casualties were taken onboard the lifeboat and returned back to the beach at Ogmore By Sea where we were met by our colleagues from Llantwit Major Coastguard

In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.