UK Coastguard tasked our volunteer crew following a report a jet ski and its rider had become separated off Dunraven Bay, Southerndown.
The charity’s relief Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Irene Cornford was launched on service and the crew made best speed to the location, finding the jet ski positioned half way between Dunraven Bay and Tusker Rock. With no sign of the jet ski rider in the vicinity UK Coastguard requested the crew conduct an expanding square search pattern of the area. As the crew prepared to commence the search new information was received from the Coastguard who had been re-contacted by the first informant reporting that the jet ski rider was around 200m off the beach. The crew were quickly able to locate him and he was taken onboard the lifeboat. The casualty required no further medical attention and was able to explain what had happened.
There had been two people on the jet ski who had both gone ashore at Dunraven Bay and left the jet ski in the shallows on an anchor. The strong offshore wind had caused the anchor to drag and blown the jet ski out until the anchor was lifted off the bottom, at which point the jet ski got rapidly blown out to sea.
One of the jet ski riders attempted to swim after it but soon realised he couldn’t reach it so began making his way back to the shore. The other person remained on the beach and called the Coastguard on 999.
The other jet ski rider who was on the beach was then picked up by the lifeboat. Both casualties were dropped out to the jet ski and once the anchor was recovered they were followed by the lifeboat back to Newton.