Our volunteers were paged by UK Coastguard and tasked to launch both our lifeboats to two separate incidents.

The relief Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Irene Cornford was tasked to assist a father and son on a kayak and SUP between Ogmore and Southerndown following a 999 call from the concerned wife/mother of the pair. The relief D Class lifeboat, Super G II was tasked to assist with a missing child (Launch 31 of 2021).

When the Atlantic 85 arrived at Hardy’s Bay in Ogmore By Sea one of the crew went ashore to speak with the first informant to establish exactly where the pair were, however another person came forward to the crew member asking for help to find their missing child who was last seen in the water 30 minutes previous.
The Atlantic 85 lifeboat went to check on the welfare of the father and son on the kayak and SUP who initially refused assistance from the crew.
The lifeboat then began a shoreline search for the missing child being joined by the D Class crew who had been stood down from their earlier tasking (launch 32 & 33 of 2021). After around 10 minutes of searching it was confirmed the child had been found safe and well. The team from Llantwit Major Coastguard were stood down as they proceeded to the scene to join the search. The Atlantic 85 crew returned to check again on the welfare of the father and son on the kayak and SUP.
By now it had become obvious to the pair that they were making little progress against the flow of the incoming tide and they asked for assistance to get back to Hardy’s Bay from where they’d launched. They were taken onboard the lifeboat and dropped back to Hardy’s Bay.
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