Two people on a paddle board phoned 999 to speak to HM Coastguard and requested assistance as they were being blown off shore away from Ogmore By Sea towards Tusker Rock.

The charity’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat ‘Rose of the Shires’ was launched on service arriving on scene shortly after. An initial search commenced and a paddle board was located with two people in the water (clinging to the board) requesting help off Ogmore. Both were recovered by the crew.

However once the two paddle boarders were recovered the crew were advised by HM Coastguard that they were still speaking to the casualty on the phone and no lifeboat was with them. A rapid search commenced and the original casualties were located drifting towards tusker rock, approximately 1 mile offshore.

The casualties were recovered and were returned to Ogmore beach and handed over to Llantwit Major Coastguard.