HM Coastguard tasked Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew following a report they’d received from Porthcawl NCI that a group of people were cut off by the tide at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown.

The Atlantic 85 was launched first at 7.57pm and a crew member went ashore to liaise with the casualties. When the casualties were made aware it would be a few hours before the tide receded enough to get back to the main bay they accepted the crews offer to assist them to safety.

Due to there being a slight swell the Atlantic 85 helm requested the launch of the D Class lifeboat to assist with extracting the casualties.

Once on scene the D class crew extracted 3 casualties and 1 dog and transferred all onto the larger Atlantic 85 lifeboat. The casualties were then transferred to Ogmore By Sea where it was calmer to drop the casualties ashore.

Police officers from South Wales Police met the crew at Ogmore By Sea and transferred the casualties and their dog back to their car at Southerndown.