As  the crew prepared to head home from the lifeboat station from the previous launch the pagers sounded again and the crew were tasked by UK Coastguard to a further incident.

This time a report had been received from Porthcawl NCI that there were people cut off by the tide in Dunraven Bay, Southerndown. The D Class lifeboat Super G II was launched on service and the crew made their way to the location. When they arrived on scene a crew member went ashore to speak to the two casualties who were unaware of their predicament. They were keen to accept the offer of assistance as the alternative was to wait for around 2 hours for the tide to recede. The two casualties were taken onboard the lifeboat and transferred to the slipway in Dunraven Bay. As the casualties disembarked the lifeboat another report was received from Porthcawl NCI who had spotted a further group of people cut off by the tide. The RNLI crew made contact with this group who were happy to wait for the tide to recede and had adequate equipment and clothing with them.

The lifeboat returned to station where both lifeboats were finally rehoused for the last time of the day.

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