Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew were tasked by HM Coastguard to assist Porthcawl Coastguard and Port Talbot Coastguard with a medical evacuation at Pink Bay Porthcawl.

When the Coastguard teams arrived on scene in difficult terrain, they established the casualty had possibly suffered a broken ankle. They moved the casualty to a more comfortable location and proceeded to stabilise the injury and monitor them.

The Coastguard teams then requested the launch of Porthcawl Lifeboat for the extraction of the casualty due to the inaccessibility of the location.

Porthcawl’s D Class ‘Hugo Missen’ arrived on scene first and after a briefing it was requested the larger Atlantic 85 ‘Rose of the Shires’ was also launched for a smoother journey for the casualty to the Lifeboat station.

The casualty was extracted from the beach to the D Class and then onto the Atlantic 85 before being transferred to the lifeboat station where the casualty’s husband met the crew with his car. The casualty was then assisted into the car to travel onwards to hospital.

We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

In a coastal emergency, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

📸 Port Talbot Coastguard