Two teenagers were saved after becoming cut off by an incoming tide below cliffs east of Llantwit Major. Both RNLI lifeboats from Porthcawl were requested to launch at 6:07 Sunday evening by Swansea Coastguard following a 999 call from the casualties.

Neither of the casualties, who were both wet and very cold, was certain of their exact position on the coast. Swansea Coastguard requested that a search be carried out between Llantwit Major beach and Stout Point moving east to try to locate the casualties. Porthcawl’s Atlantic 85 Rose of the Shires and ‘D’ class Jean Ryall made good speed in a moderate sea to the area which was approximately eleven miles east of Porthcawl.

Once the casualties were found the smaller D class lifeboat was able to get close inshore and take the two teenagers on board before transferring them to the larger Atlantic 85. Following radio messages from Swansea Coastguard and Porthcawl’s Rose of the Shires it was decided that the quickest and safest place to land the casualties was at Barry Dock where they were met by paramedics.



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Meantime with deteriorating sea conditions the Barry Dock RNLI all weather lifeboat was launched to provide a safety escort for Porthcawl’s D class lifeboat with three volunteer crew on board back to Porthcawl station.

Porthcawl Lifeboat Operations Manager Philip Missen MBE said, ‘This was a testing callout for our crews but with a very successful outcome in saving both the casualties. Fortunately they did have a mobile phone and were able to make that important call for help. We would recommend that the public should always check the tide times before walking in areas where it is possible to be cut off by an incoming tide’.