Wednesday teatime started with a kite surfer in difficulty for Porthcawl RNLI. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat launched, and located the casualty in the Newton point area. 

When alongside the surfer, it was found she was having trouble with her kite. The crew then assisted her to gather in her kite, and returned her to the beach at Trecco Bay.

Once the lifeboat returned to station, they were immediately alerted again to reports of a gentleman who had fallen on the rocks at Ogmore by Sea. This time, both lifeboats launched, and on arrival at scene, they could see the mans family on the rocks near the area called Ogmore Deeps.

Helmsman Joe Missen said “the tide was high on the rocks, and waves were breaking on the cliffs. I had to get the lifeboat as close as I could to the cliffs, to get the crew ashore with the first aid kit and oxygen. This was difficult, however, I waited for a break in the swells, and landed three of the crew safely at the base.  The crew then had to climb the rocks to the casualty carrying all their equipment.”

The crew then treated the gentleman along with the Coastguard and Ambulance HART team, and the Coastguard Helicopter airlifted the casualty to hospital.

While this incident was going on, the crew of the D Class lifeboat were diverted to reports of a man who had fallen on rocks in Southerndown Beach, only a quarter of a mile down the coast. When the crew arrived, there was big surf, and the helmsman skillfully landed the lifeboat on the pebble beach, and the crew treated the casualty.

Porthcawl RNLI Deputy Launching Authority Ross Martin said, “our volunteer crew were out for over four hours carrying out the rescues and getting the boats ready for service when they returned. RNLI crew members are all trained in first aid and casualty care to a high standard, and practice regularly.  The incident involved over 18 members of the crew, as its not only the crew on the boats, but the support team for driving the tractors and the shore crew, all of whom are volunteers giving their time up freely.”

Press release from Carl Evans, Lifeboat Press Officer, Porthcawl RNLI. Mob 07919227723