Three pairs of people on paddleboards were helped to safety by Porthcawl RNLI’s volunteer crew on bank holiday Monday (29 August 2022) off Ogmore By Sea.

UK Coastguard had received reports of multiple people on paddleboards struggling against strong north easterly offshore winds and the tidal current from the incoming spring tide. The charity’s inshore Atlantic 85 lifeboat Rose of the Shires was launched on service and recovered six people in total who were on three separate paddleboards along with their equipment onto the lifeboat.

Helm Chris Missen said:

‘When we arrived on scene we went to each of the three pairs of paddleboarders in turn who gladly accepted our assistance having been battling against the offshore winds and tide.

‘All six people and their paddleboards were taken onboard the lifeboat and then dropped ashore at Ogmore Beach where they were met by our colleagues from RNLI Lifeguards South East Wales.’

The RNLI safety advice to all paddleboarders is:

· Always wear a suitable buoyancy aid.

· Check weather forecast and tide times and avoid going out in offshore winds.

· Carry a means of calling for help. Mobile phones can be kept dry by using a waterproof phone pouch.

· Always go with a friend.

· Always wear your leash and stay on your board if you get into trouble – this will help you float.

· If you get into trouble, call 999 or 112 and ask for help.

For further information on paddleboarding safely:…/choose-your…/stand-up-paddle-boarding