The Porthcawl Fashion and Food Festival 2018 is due to start from Monday 3rd September with the first event being held at The Saltwater Inn. This is the first of its kind for Porthcawl and the events will take place in a variety of locations in Porthcawl town; including independent restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, the Grand Pavilion and the Porthcawl Lifeboat Station itself. Themed events will include fashion, beauty, food and drink; food festivals, fashion shows and beauty demonstrations which will all culminate in a dinner, fashion show and entertainment at the stunning Grand Pavilion theatre.

David Shillaw, Treasurer, RNLI Porthcawl said “Porthcawl RNLI is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Vale Life magazine in creating the first Porthcawl Fashion and Food Festival.

The event to take place in September of 2018 is in many respects the recreation of a most successful Fashion Week held last year in Penarth.

In Porthcawl, we are expanding the project to include food and culinary businesses as well in the hope that they too can promote and celebrate their enterprise whilst at the same time raising funds for the RNLI.

At Porthcawl RNLI we regard ourselves as an integral part of the town and hope that the job we do and the manner in which we do it reflect nothing other than credit on the town.

In our major fundraising events, we always try to devise events of integrity that are inclusive of townspeople. We are thrilled to stage this event that will invite attention to the town at a very significant time in its development.’

Jane James of LouLou agreed “I am delighted to be involved with the Porthcawl Fashion and Food Festival in aid of the RNLI.  My grandfather was a local RNLI member and I am fiercely dedicated to promoting the town where I was born in any way I can.  Porthcawl has many attractions and a Fashion and Food festival will allow local businesses to promote their products.  As a partner at Loulou Boutique, we will be collaborating with other shops including The Closet Boutique to showcase our fashion collections, with the highlight being a Fashion Show and Dinner at the Grand Pavilion on Friday 14th September.”