Volunteer lifeboat crews have launched lifeboats at Porthcawl over eighty times already this year. This is well ahead of any previous year in the station’s history.

Lifeboat Operations Manager, Philip Missen, commented, ‘The number of ‘shouts’ we have launched for so far this year is unprecedented. The hot weather has added to some incidents but not totally. The reasons for each launch has also varied greatly, some have been straight forward rescues and others have seen us work with many of the emergency services including our neighbouring lifeboat stations, Welsh Ambulance Service Paramedics, Coastguard Units from Porthcawl and Llantwit Major, The Coastguard SAR Helicopter and Police. Some have been instigated by observations made by the RNLI lifeguards operating along our coast and by the National Coastwatch Institution team at Porthcawl.

Again we encourage the public to visit our website, www.porthcawl-lifeboat.co.uk for important information i.e. tide times of high and low water and tide heights. It is encouraging to note that many of the open water swimmers at Porthcawl are now towing floats which we would always encourage as a ‘be seen’ safety aid. Finally, enjoy the sea but always #RespectTheWater.