Porthcawl lifeboat crews have launched on 28 occasions to call outs since lockdown was introduced on 23 March. Volunteers have maintained launching throughout to those in distress whilst following RNLI and government guidelines.

At Porthcawl we had to suspend normal exercising on Wednesdays and Sundays once lockdown came into effect but some on-line training was successfully introduced.

RNLI statistics for 2019 have been released and once again Porthcawl was the busiest lifeboat station in Wales with 100 launches, 10 lives saved and 123 people aided.

Lifeboat Operations Manager at Porthcawl, Philip Missen MBE said, ‘Not once have our volunteers waivered from the need to launch. I am very proud of their support and last year’s statistics demonstrate their dedication. The impact could have been so different for the families of those ten we saved and indeed the speed at which we were able to assist the 123 before their situation worsened’.

This year Porthcawl celebrate the 55th anniversary of the re-opening of our station and plans were in place back in February to launch a special festival of fund raising. However, like many, our plans were cancelled which has caused serious concerns in terms of covering the cost of RNLI operations here and nationwide.

We encourage members of the public to follow our website https://www.porthcawl-lifeboat.co.uk for sea safety messages and updates of our rescues etc.